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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusTarget VersionUpdatedSummary
  0000153 Frontendminorresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-10-02Add daily bars and target line to Compare graph
  0000151 Frontendmajorresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-10-01today.php shows no graph
  00000442Backendminorresolved (mdiphoorn)Release 1.1.02013-09-30Do something with the deviceHistory
  000011314Backendminorclosed (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-09-28P1/Smartmeter data not retrieved from device
  00000132Devicestweakclosed (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-09-28OpenWeatherMap Only save data when data is changed
  00001521Backendmajorresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-09-12Fix/calculate Power values of Array 1,2,3 and/or Grid 1,2,3 for SMAspot devices
  0000150 BackendminornewRelease 1.1.12013-09-07Introduce a Extreem debugging option
  00001431Frontendmajorresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-09-04The slow frontend
  00000062BackendfeatureconfirmedRelease 1.1.12013-09-04Let user set Language of WSL frontend in Admin
  00001441Backendminorclosed (mfrijmann)2013-09-04Eror message about missing table; historySmartMeter
  0000149 Backendmajorresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-09-04Some figures isn't updating anymore.
  00001034Frontendminorassigned (mfrijmann)2013-08-30Multiple error tab Year
  00001012Frontendminorassigned (mdiphoorn)2013-08-30Multi inverter Month tab All Inv select gives wrong graphic
  00001307Frontendmajorresolved (mfrijmann)2013-08-29After update to 1142 graph's are incorrect.
  0000049 Generalmajorconfirmed (mfrijmann)Release 2.02013-08-29Create a Setup routine
  0000146 Generalfeatureresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-08-29Add PHPMinify to codebase
  0000121 Generalfeatureresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-08-29Make something for the users so the customize the graphs
  0000072 Frontendfeatureassigned (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.12013-08-29Let user choose which Power data he wants to show in Graph
  0000018 Backendmajorclosed (mdiphoorn) loses rights after update
  00001371Devicesminorclosed (mfrijmann)2013-08-29SMA connection via fixed network > Bluetooth > SMA Sunny Boy
  0000081 Frontendminorresolved (mdiphoorn)Release 1.1.02013-08-25Improve error handling for the frontend
  00001312Frontendfeatureresolved (mdiphoorn)Release 1.1.02013-08-25Add German translation
  00001041Frontendminorresolved (mdiphoorn)Release 1.1.02013-08-25Cannot select different inverter on the details tab
  00001061Frontendminorresolved (mdiphoorn)Release 1.1.02013-08-25devices select button in Production tab does not react
  0000142 Frontendmajorresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-08-22PHP 5.3 compatibility issue
  0000141 Frontendminorresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-08-20No live data results in Division by zero Warning
  0000097 Backendminorconfirmed (mdiphoorn)Release 1.1.12013-08-15Raise an error message when the kWh total off the day gets lower
  0000024 GeneralfeatureconfirmedRelease 1.1.12013-08-15Daily or weekly backup to dropbox
  0000047 FrontendminorconfirmedRelease 1.1.12013-08-15Do not show serienumber of device in Misc.php
  0000030 BackendfeatureconfirmedRelease 1.1.12013-08-15Make an backup by default before updating
  00000081Backendfeatureresolved (mdiphoorn)Release 1.1.02013-08-15update the 123aurora importer to 123solar
  00001053Frontendminorclosed (mdiphoorn)Release 1.1.02013-08-13Compare data from second inverter not possible
  0000138 Generaltweakresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-08-12Split SQL-engine checks on Admin::Diagnostics
  00001361Backendminorresolved (mdiphoorn)Release 1.1.02013-08-02Wrong Array init makes it impossible to acess updatepage
  00001101Backendminorclosed (mdiphoorn)2013-07-31change the total kWh of the day
  0000064 Backendfeatureresolved (mdiphoorn)Release 1.1.02013-07-31Remove Info lines older then a week
  00001321Frontendminorresolved (mdiphoorn)Release 1.1.02013-07-30Compare.php is showing incorrect cum. values
  00001341Backendblockresolved (mdiphoorn)Release 1.1.02013-07-30Wrong Array init makes wsl crash php <5.4
  00001351Backendminorclosed (mfrijmann)2013-07-29Temperature on pvoutput is incorrect
  0000133 QueueServerblockresolved (mdiphoorn)Release 1.1.02013-07-29Item not requeued after an error
  00001022Frontendtrivialresolved (mdiphoorn)Release 1.1.02013-07-26Incorrect label names on button in tab month
  0000128 Backendminorresolved (mdiphoorn)2013-07-26Can't select other date in details
  00001231Frontendmajorresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-07-18Fix graph on WSL's without a smartMeter
  00000752Frontendminorresolved (mfrijmann)2013-07-17Efficiency display is > 100% for multiple inverters
  0000122 Backendtweakresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-07-17Update RedBeanPHP
  00001202Frontendminorclosed (mfrijmann)2013-07-15General error: 8 - attempt to write to a readonly database
  0000114 Backendminorresolved (mfrijmann)2013-07-15Use history poll rate slider in device
  0000084 Frontendminorresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-07-14Display on Misc.php which Api is used with image/text/url?!
  0000092 Backendmajorresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-07-14If RS485 addres is set in a SMAspot device, then we get a error
  0000091 Devicesmajorresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-07-14Add support for Kostal Piko solar Inverters and 3 phase/string
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