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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusTarget VersionUpdatedSummary
  00002051Backendmajorresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02014-02-20performance: write config to filesystem as JSON file
  00002081Backendminorresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02014-02-20Add pvoutputSendTime to history table
  00001862Frontendminorassigned (mfrijmann)2014-02-03Inverter name on Day/month/Year tab
  0000191 Frontendminorresolved (mdiphoorn)Release 1.1.02014-01-31Without production devices there is no daily graph
  00001902Frontendminorresolved (mfrijmann)2014-01-30communication / graphs / email / diagnostics pages not working
  0000162 GeneralfeaturenewRelease 2.02014-01-30[Feat req] Add support for Youless
  0000188 Backendtweakresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02014-01-26Avoid the use of RedBeans "slow" findAndExport function
  00001813Backendminorresolved (mfrijmann)2014-01-24Second device (soladin 600) under "Production" isn't showing data
  00000741Frontendmajorresolved (mfrijmann)2014-01-24Plotting power generation data for multiple inverters leads to strange graph
  0000119 Frontendminorresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.12014-01-24CS graph sum of multi inverter is incorrect
  00001871Backendminorresolved (mfrijmann)2014-01-24unknown .comm entry under communication manager
  0000172 Frontendmajorresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02014-01-23The compare graph on compare.php isn't working properly when comparing different years.
  0000176 Backendmajorresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02014-01-23PVoutputAddon generates a error when no SmartMeter data is available
  0000185 Frontendminornew2014-01-22Alarms for the Soladin 600
  00001791Frontendminorresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02014-01-19Wrong total kWh value in top bar on index when in multi inverter
  00001261Backendfeatureresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02014-01-14CO2 reducement in Dashboard
  000012711Backendminorresolved (mdiphoorn)Release 1.1.02014-01-14[Trunk 1142] Temp. on PVoutput is incorrect. stays 0
  00001681Backendfeatureresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02014-01-13Create something that users could use to see what there energy bill would look like
  00001711Frontendminorresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02014-01-08production shows strange "expected" line if the installation started producing in the middle of a month
  00001741FrontendfeatureconfirmedRelease 1.1.12014-01-02implement support for dualtariff energy rates
  00001631Frontendtweakresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-12-30Add money-sign setting to Admin
  00001701Frontendminorresolved (mdiphoorn)Release 1.1.02013-12-26Front and Back -end displays update message
  00001691Frontendblockresolved (mdiphoorn)Release 1.1.02013-12-24Blankpage/Error page if sqlite module is not installed on index.php
  0000167 Generaltweakresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-12-20Update some JS libs
  000012516Backendminorresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-12-20Weather information enhancement
  0000148 Frontendfeatureresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-12-20Show more generated/used/weather figures
  00001391Generalfeatureresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-11-12Possibility to upload consumption energy from 'slimme meter P1 port' to pvoutput
  00001291Backendfeatureresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-11-12The possibility the upload more data to pvoutput. Use of Extended Data
  0000165 Backendmajorresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-11-12History table contains "empty" records
  00001596Backendminorresolved (mfrijmann)2013-11-12PVoutput data not correct
  0000157 Backendminorresolved (mdiphoorn)Release 1.1.02013-10-16Dropbox sizes lost after sync
  0000145 Frontendfeatureresolved (mdiphoorn)Release 1.1.02013-10-06Refresh pagevalues also when window not active
  0000156 Frontendmajorresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-10-04Can't create new panels in Admin::Devices
  0000155 FrontendminornewRelease 1.1.12013-10-03Add periodically graphs for SmartMeter
  0000154 FrontendminornewRelease 1.1.12013-10-03Add/get/save Weather forecast
  0000153 Frontendminorresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-10-02Add daily bars and target line to Compare graph
  0000151 Frontendmajorresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-10-01today.php shows no graph
  00000442Backendminorresolved (mdiphoorn)Release 1.1.02013-09-30Do something with the deviceHistory
  00001521Backendmajorresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-09-12Fix/calculate Power values of Array 1,2,3 and/or Grid 1,2,3 for SMAspot devices
  0000150 BackendminornewRelease 1.1.12013-09-07Introduce a Extreem debugging option
  00001431Frontendmajorresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-09-04The slow frontend
  00000062BackendfeatureconfirmedRelease 1.1.12013-09-04Let user set Language of WSL frontend in Admin
  0000149 Backendmajorresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-09-04Some figures isn't updating anymore.
  00001034Frontendminorassigned (mfrijmann)2013-08-30Multiple error tab Year
  00001012Frontendminorassigned (mdiphoorn)2013-08-30Multi inverter Month tab All Inv select gives wrong graphic
  00001307Frontendmajorresolved (mfrijmann)2013-08-29After update to 1142 graph's are incorrect.
  0000049 Generalmajorconfirmed (mfrijmann)Release 2.02013-08-29Create a Setup routine
  0000146 Generalfeatureresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-08-29Add PHPMinify to codebase
  0000121 Generalfeatureresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-08-29Make something for the users so the customize the graphs
  0000072 Frontendfeatureassigned (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.12013-08-29Let user choose which Power data he wants to show in Graph
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