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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusTarget VersionUpdatedSummary
  00002691Generalfeatureresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.12014-09-29Add ability to communicate in the admin with the end user
  0000275 Frontendtweakresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.12014-09-15Move Live index data reqeust from server.php to the API
  0000276 Frontendtweakresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.12014-09-15Fix graph title with production and expectation figures
  00002483Frontendtweakassigned (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.12014-08-21Make start of week configurable for calendar
  00002201FrontendfeaturenewRelease 1.1.12014-03-22request remove curve C.S. Total (W) from display
  00002041Backendmajorassigned (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.12014-03-20reorganice table indexes
  00002071Devicesfeatureassigned (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.12014-03-20Add support for SmartMeter Ampy
  00001751Generalfeatureclosed (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.12014-03-19Improve Plugwise Stretch addon
  0000228 ServicesmajornewRelease 1.1.12014-03-16Get rid of the SDTE field in the database
  0000227 BackendmajornewRelease 1.1.12014-03-16Get rid of the INV field in the database
  00002232Devicesminoracknowledged (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.12014-03-11Move location data to devices so that Weather info can be reported for multiple locations
  0000055 BackendfeatureassignedRelease 1.1.12014-02-22Add the missing kWh, harvested before the installation of WSL
  0000198 BackendmajorconfirmedRelease 1.1.12014-02-21Read/write on www directory cannot be set to 766
  0000189 Generalmajorconfirmed (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.12014-02-20Deep performance logging through the code
  0000196 Backendmajorassigned (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.12014-02-20In some cases the index graph isn't installed automatically.
  0000119 Frontendminorresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.12014-01-24CS graph sum of multi inverter is incorrect
  00001741FrontendfeatureconfirmedRelease 1.1.12014-01-02implement support for dualtariff energy rates
  0000155 FrontendminornewRelease 1.1.12013-10-03Add periodically graphs for SmartMeter
  0000154 FrontendminornewRelease 1.1.12013-10-03Add/get/save Weather forecast
  0000150 BackendminornewRelease 1.1.12013-09-07Introduce a Extreem debugging option
  00000062BackendfeatureconfirmedRelease 1.1.12013-09-04Let user set Language of WSL frontend in Admin
  0000072 Frontendfeatureassigned (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.12013-08-29Let user choose which Power data he wants to show in Graph
  0000097 Backendminorconfirmed (mdiphoorn)Release 1.1.12013-08-15Raise an error message when the kWh total off the day gets lower
  0000024 GeneralfeatureconfirmedRelease 1.1.12013-08-15Daily or weekly backup to dropbox
  0000047 FrontendminorconfirmedRelease 1.1.12013-08-15Do not show serienumber of device in Misc.php
  0000030 BackendfeatureconfirmedRelease 1.1.12013-08-15Make an backup by default before updating


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