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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusTarget VersionUpdatedSummary
  00000681Frontendtweakresolved (mdiphoorn)Release 1.1.02013-06-21Alarms not logged.
  00000702Backendfeatureresolved (mfrijmann)2013-06-21Is it possible to show when i have updated for the last time?
  0000015 Backendminorresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-06-19Add active field to the inverter table (Device)
  0000077 Generalmajorresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-06-18Check for insufficient rights "Raspbian + WSL 2013-05-2013 image"
  0000076 Frontendminorresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-06-17Live device on Index.php are not shown correctly (column shifts)
  00000731Frontendmajorresolved (mfrijmann)2013-06-17Inverter selection dropdown does not populate with available devices/inverters
  00000163Devicesfeatureresolved (mfrijmann)2013-06-17Add support for SMA-spot 2.0.6 and -wsl parameter
  0000067 Generalmajorresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-06-16When Timezone is not set, we get various errors
  00000638Backendminorresolved (mfrijmann)2013-06-15Cannot backup to Dropbox anymore
  00000661Backendfeatureresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-06-14Make logfiles better accessible for the user
  0000069 Backendmajorresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-06-13In some cases a device can't be removed
  0000065 Frontendtrivialresolved (mfrijmann)2013-06-12Wrong unit at best day / worst day.
  00000585Frontendminorresolved (mfrijmann)2013-06-12[trunk 984] Refesh to fast to navigate.
  0000056 Backendmajorresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-06-12A not checked checkbox is saved as "" (null)
  0000057 Generalfeatureresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-06-12Upgrade jquery-ui to 1.10.3 (with a new theme) and Jquery from 1.9.1 to 1.10.1
  00000601Frontendminorresolved (mdiphoorn)Release 1.1.02013-06-12[trunk 984] compare selection month, gives 2 lines.
  0000062 Generalmajorresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-06-12Update Handlebars.js RC to Stable release
  00000514Generalminorresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-06-11Max power time in email report is not OK
  00000432Devicesfeatureresolved (mfrijmann)2013-06-11Add Temp. from Weather device to PVouput-output
  0000033 Backendminorresolved (mdiphoorn)Release 1.1.02013-06-10Cleanup ticket
  00000424Frontendminorresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-06-10Compare contains duplicate date
  0000031 Backendminorresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-06-10exec() has been disabled for security reasons in websolarlog/classes/Util.php on line 182
  00000291Backendtweakresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-06-10Lose the communication field
  00000211Generalfeatureresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-06-10Show trunk version in the update screen
  00000205Generalfeatureresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-06-10Deletion of devices and panels
  00000193Backendminorresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-06-10Adding description to "Panel/String: -1", adds a new panel string
  00000171Devicesfeatureresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-06-10Add history interval to Device.hb
  0000011 Devicesminorresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-06-10Add refreshTime to Device.hb
  0000007 Frontendfeatureresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-06-10Weather widget
  00000263Backendminorresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-06-10The notificatioin for a new trunk version is gone
  0000053 Backendfeatureresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-06-10send emails (events,reports,alarms) to multiple recipients
  00000281Frontendminorresolved (mdiphoorn)Release 1.1.02013-06-10Notice isn't showing any data
  0000054 Backendmajorresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-06-10Checkbox saves [object Object]
  0000052 QueueServermajorresolved (mdiphoorn)Release 1.1.02013-06-09When Lat and Long in admin::general are not filled, php error and no live data
  00000274Frontendminorresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-06-08The compare option isn't working.
  0000048 Frontendfeatureresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-06-08Add year selector to Production.php
  00000403Frontendmajorresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-06-05Can not edit first panel
  00000451Backendminorresolved (mdiphoorn)Release 1.1.02013-06-05Device is always in state 1
  00000352Frontendminorresolved (mdiphoorn)Release 1.1.02013-06-04Mail when inverter is offline.
  0000041 Backendminorresolved (mdiphoorn)Release 1.1.02013-06-04Still a error close 000038 to soon?
  00000371QueueServerminorresolved (mdiphoorn)Release 1.1.02013-06-01QueueServer: current memory usage is getting "very high"
  00000321Backendminorresolved (mdiphoorn)Release 1.1.02013-05-30DeviceHistory does not save the amount
  0000014 Backendminorresolved (mdiphoorn)Release 1.1.02013-05-28Warning while trying to touch the pid file
  00000041Frontendminorresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-05-28precision location in tab other
  0000005 Frontendminorresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02013-05-28Only display production device on Misc
  00000092Backendminorresolved (mdiphoorn)Release 1.1.02013-05-28Updater error on rmdir/chmod
  00000101Frontendmajorresolved (mdiphoorn)Release 1.1.02013-05-28New Devices are not saved
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