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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusTarget VersionUpdatedSummary
  00002351Generalminornew2014-03-22Issues related to Timezone
  00002382Generalminorassigned (mfrijmann)2014-03-22Problems displaying DC->AC efficiency on Details graph
  00002041Backendmajorassigned (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.12014-03-20reorganice table indexes
  00002071Devicesfeatureassigned (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.12014-03-20Add support for SmartMeter Ampy
  00002132BackendminornewRelease 2.02014-03-19Enhancement request: Background Backup
  00001471Frontendmajorresolved (mfrijmann)2014-03-19Graph mutli inverter one line instead of two lines
  0000229 Backendminorresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02014-03-19Modify; changed stop procedure and better pid file handling
  000021921Generalminorresolved (mfrijmann)2014-03-19Daily mail report
  00002171Backendminorresolved (mfrijmann)2014-03-18Cannot join PVoutput
  0000226 BackendmajornewRelease 1.1.02014-03-18In some cases could not delete the file
  0000228 ServicesmajornewRelease 1.1.12014-03-16Get rid of the SDTE field in the database
  0000227 BackendmajornewRelease 1.1.12014-03-16Get rid of the INV field in the database
  0000225 Generalminorassigned (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02014-03-11Add donation link to WSL
  00002232Devicesminoracknowledged (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.12014-03-11Move location data to devices so that Weather info can be reported for multiple locations
  0000224 Frontendminorassigned (mfrijmann)2014-03-11Pulldown menu on Dashboard seems not to do anyhing
  0000221 Frontendtweaknew2014-03-09Switch location of data displayed
  00001606Servicesminorfeedback (mfrijmann)2014-03-06Logging to pvoutput missing the last Watt (Diehl 2100H)
  0000212 Backendminorassigned (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02014-03-06On some day's WSL doesn't send the last generated Watts to PVoutput
  0000218 Generalminorresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02014-03-05Make PVoutputAddon more flexible to send actual and old data.
  00001002Frontendminorresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02014-03-05Multi inverter Month tab All display wrong data
  0000216 Frontendminorassigned (mfrijmann)2014-03-05Multi inverter Month tab All display wrong data
  0000215 Frontendminorassigned (mfrijmann)2014-03-05Multi inverter Month tab All display wrong data
  000018417Backendminorresolved (mfrijmann)2014-03-05Data is not uploaded to PVoutput (When using multipe inverters)
  000016121Servicesminorresolved (mfrijmann)2014-03-05From trunk 1272 on reporting to pvoutput doesn't work
  0000214 Generalminorresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02014-03-05Add suncalc.js
  000017310Devicesminorresolved (mfrijmann)2014-03-04Multiple inverters and single smartmeter leads to energy consumption duplication on
  00002032Frontendminorresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02014-03-03update Jquery-ui to 1.10.4 and lose weight
  00002115Frontendtrivialassigned (mfrijmann)2014-03-01Different Timezone of WSL and Client Browser
  00002064Backendminorresolved (mfrijmann)2014-02-28Getting two error message by mail.
  00001645Devicestweakresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02014-02-27Add Delta device to Trunk
  00001942Backendminorresolved (mdiphoorn)Release 1.1.02014-02-25update.json request keep going after 100% update
  00002102Backendfeatureassigned (mdiphoorn)Release 1.1.02014-02-23Log rotation support
  00000991Frontendtrivialresolved (mfrijmann)2014-02-22Multi inverter Day tab Inv2 button missing
  00000981Frontendminorresolved (mfrijmann)2014-02-22Multi inverter All option Avg Power
  0000197 Frontendminorresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02014-02-22In some cases the index graph isn't shown if there is no serie data
  00002011Backendtweakresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02014-02-22Try RedBeanPHP patch to speedup performance
  0000023 ServicesfeatureconfirmedRelease 2.02014-02-22Twitter result every day
  0000055 BackendfeatureassignedRelease 1.1.12014-02-22Add the missing kWh, harvested before the installation of WSL
  00001241Backendminorresolved (mfrijmann)2014-02-22C.S. rename in Clear Sky
  00001952Backendminorresolved (mfrijmann)2014-02-22Error message 4 times a day, per inverter
  00001802Frontendtextresolved (mfrijmann)2014-02-21Wrong units next to the graph
  0000198 BackendmajorconfirmedRelease 1.1.12014-02-21Read/write on www directory cannot be set to 766
  0000209 Backendminorresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02014-02-21upgrade Handlebars from 1.1.2 to 1.3
  00002001Frontendfeatureresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02014-02-20Add WindChill for future use
  0000189 Generalmajorconfirmed (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.12014-02-20Deep performance logging through the code
  00002021Backendmajorresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02014-02-20implement PHPMinify
  00001991Frontendfeatureresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02014-02-20make frontend poll for live data adjustable in admin
  00001931Servicesminorresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02014-02-20Fix degreedays/m3 gas usage
  0000196 Backendmajorassigned (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.12014-02-20In some cases the index graph isn't installed automatically.
  00001771Devicesfeatureresolved (mfrijmann)Release 1.1.02014-02-20Add support for the Soladin inverter through Solget
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