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0000267WebSolarLogQueueServerpublic2014-08-03 13:292014-08-04 11:46
Assigned Tomfrijmann 
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Summary0000267: WSL alert mail frequency too high, regarded as spamming
DescriptionWSL had a problem communicating with my smart meter tonight.

As a result WSL was sending out alert messages to and through my Gmail account... EVERY MINUTE!


WebSolarLog experienced an error.

QueueItem DeviceHandler.handleLive had an error: SmartMeter :: Invalid first line: Array ( [0] => Error: Max script time reached (20) )
Please check if everything is alright.



Now Google regards this frequency of sending as spamming, so now Gmail account is blocked for 24 hours.

(Where) Can I adjust the frequency WSL sends out alert messages (or shouldn't this be limited in another way), without having to disable sending alerts (and events?) completely?
Steps To Reproduce- Set Smart meter monitoring
- Set e-mail alerting through
- Have some other program poll the smart meter also (or possibly) just pull out the serial/USB cable to the smart meter)
- Go to bed
- check the incoming alert mails the next morning, discover that there are over 500..
- Try sending another mail from within Gmail and read the error message.
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mfrijmann (administrator)
2014-08-03 23:36

This could be resolved by disabling the option to send an debug email on a warning/error.

Also i noticed on the forum that your using 2 devices to poll the smartmeter and that's not recommended and could cause unexpected behavior on both polling devices.

WSL is designed to, if the checkbox for debugging emails, send emails on every error/warning. So when you are polling the smartmeter every minute, this will give 60 error/warning mails per hour.

For now do are not going to change this email sending behauvior because its to the user to choice whether he want to receive these email or not.
pgit (reporter)
2014-08-04 10:01

That's a pity...
Sending alerts by email is a great(ly apreciated) feature, but if this is done at every single occurance of any possible error, instead of say every hour, the risk of spamming is just to high.
Personally, I would make a distiction between debugging and alerting.
BTW, I didn't even have debug mode enabled.
Also, what is the difference between an alarm and an event? In which categorie do communication errors fall? Will it be safe(r) to disable alarms but enable events? Or the other way round?
I understand now that polling the smart meter from two devices is not recommended, but wouldn't this have hapened also with something silly like a disconnected USB cable?
mfrijmann (administrator)
2014-08-04 11:31
edited on: 2014-08-04 11:33

The fact that your WSL was spamming and closing an important mailbox, was caused by several installation depending issues;
1. multiple devices that are polling the smartmeter
2. choosing an important mailbox as the sender of the emails (i created a separated mailbox thats sending the WSL mails for me).
3. high poll rate on the smartmeter (polling the smartmeter every 60 second will, when an error occurs, result in an mail every 60 seconds, when polling the device every 5 min. WSL will "only" send an email every 5 min.).

Also the design of the mailing part of WSL is part of the problem, but all point above could be solved and the problem is gone.

What should be a except able mail rate?
A few days ago my inverter went down due to an grid failure. That are messages that i want to receive immediately and not once an hour. So which error "events" should be mailed immediately and which should be mailed every hour?

BTW, see the following screenshot; [^]
Here you could enable/disable WSL to send the different emails.

In the past (and i'm running WSL for about 2 years now) i personally experienced 1 spam incident and heard an hand full of people that experienced the same issue and in most cases caused by mis-configuration of hardware failure.

Maybe we could change the error level on the smartmeter errors from error to event.

pgit (reporter)
2014-08-04 11:46

Thank you for your suggestions, I agree with all of them and will try to adapt my setup to this.
Can I find a list of "errors" and "events" somewhere to help me decide in disabeling one or the other?

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