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0000265WebSolarLogServicespublic2014-08-02 15:032014-08-21 09:04
Assigned Tomfrijmann 
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Summary0000265: consumption data misses from PVoutput
DescriptionAlthough "Send SmartMeter with device"is ticked, (my) PVoutput hardly shows any consumption data (during production times).

Could it be that the smartmeter data is submited just before the inverter data, resulting in negative and therefore ignored production values.
Additional InformationTo avoid this the delay (d = 1) parameter should (or should not) be used.
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pgit (reporter)
2014-08-02 16:40

It seems the data is missing from the graphs in WSL also and that it is shown again as soon as the consumption levels are higher then the production levels. That would mean that the "wrong" data is being uploaded to PVoutput as usage: not the actual usage (export - import), but the low or high usage (only import).
mfrijmann (administrator)
2014-08-03 23:38

Whats the status of this issue?
pgit (reporter)
2014-08-04 10:47

I think this is still a problem. If you look at my system at [^] you will see that consumption is not displayed anaymore as soon as the inverter starts to produce more then I am consuming)
It as if WSL does not upload actual consumption (the power or energy that is being used at the moment, regardless wether it is imported or produced by the inverter) but only the amount that is being imported. When the production is higher, this value is negative and therefore ingnored by PVoutput.
I don't understand if import should be set to Net or Gros in PVoutput and what it will do with the consumption data submitted by WSL:
Gros means that "import allways equals consumption" but this is only the case when there is no production, since production can be partly consumed (not all production is exported)
Net means "import based on generation and consumption", but this will make PVoutput calculate consumption based on power levels from the meter and the inverter. This is not acurate, since they are measured at intervals and averaged by PVoutput over the submission intervals. While using the Net flag the actual energy levels are ignored.
This is too bad, since the actual consumption can be calculated correctly from the production energy volumes and the smart meter's energy volumes. However, PVoutput refuses to do this, see the discussion at [^] Furthermore, PVoutput then calculates import from the (mis)calculated consumption, therefore ignoring the exact import energy levels that are measured (and possibly submitted also).
If WSL would calculate this instead and submit the result as consumption (in some way) all would be correct...
mfrijmann (administrator)
2014-08-04 11:56

I had the same "problems" as you when i was creating the PVo-addon;
What do the several figure mean and how do we need to interpret them in combination with PVo.

What is production? (net prod. to grid? bruto prod of inverter? etc)
What is consumption? (net usage of the house? energy taken from grid? etc)
What is temperature? (ambiance temp? inverter temp? panel temp? etc)

As far as i'm understanding your email, WSL follows the idea of PVo on this.
We decided that consumption is the energy that the smartmeter takes from the grid. WSL itself does some calculation (still alpha testing fase) household usage, net prod, energy delivered to the grid etc.

http://pathToYourWSL/websolarlog/summary.php [^]
When i was developing this page, it created an "big" discussion in the team and with some users on;
- what are useful figures,
- how do we want to present them
- which icons to use
- do we really want to develop such an page
- etc. etc.
The figure on this page could be send to PVo.

It really don't feel good to suddenly change the behavior of this part of the addon. Until this this submitted issue i heard no complains about it.
But this doesn't say that we are rights at this point.

So if more people want WSL to change this, we could see what we can do.
pgit (reporter)
2014-08-04 13:29

OK, I understand your view on this, but for me this still raises some questions.
(Sorry if I am overlooking things, but I seem to "block" when I have to interpretate numbers, formula's and graphs..)
- I am mostly interested / was hoping to see a graph of the net usage of the house , but I understand that in PVoutput this is only the case outside of "production" hours. Is this possible within WSL and if so exactly which line in the graphs show the net usage of the house (at any moment)? While producing more, "actual usage" shows negative values...
- Are the values for import, debit, balance and net still correct in PVoutput, if there is no "consumption" during the daytime? or:
- Should one of the settings, export or import in PVoutput be changed from Net to Gros in order to get the correct values?
- ...
mfrijmann (administrator)
2014-08-04 22:38

We are all here to help and make it better (if there's time to fix/change it :) )

The net usage graph-line is shown in my WSL as the army green line that's "reflecting" the inverter production line.
This line shows the net kWh usage of the house. There are also graph-lines that show the cumulative low and high usage values of the smartmeter.

Please see my PVo page of today and my WSL graph and see if PVo shows what you expect based on my graphs. [^] [^]

in both "graphs" i see net consumption value of about 350-380W.
pgit (reporter)
2014-08-04 23:27

Your graphs are comparable to mine.
My problem is the interpretation and lack in consistency of "actual usage";
I'd like to see and regard "actual usage" as "how much energy I'm consuming" or "waisting" at every (measured) point in time (is the fridge having a hard time again on this sunny day?).
The graphs reflect that perfectly, for as long as the inverter does not produce any energy and while all consumed energy is equal to imported energy.
When the inverter starts to produce this "actual usage" drops, even turning into negative values, thus in fact reflecting "exported" energy instead of "consumed" energy.
The problem is that PVoutput ignores negative values and will stop showing consumption then.
Even worse is that (to my understanding) PVoutput doesn't record import and export levels, but insists on calculating them, by using (submitted) power levels, averaging them over the submission intervals, along with, now partly missing (!), consumption levels. I;m afraid that this leads to incorrect net-, debit- and credit calculations.
It seems to me that this inacuracy can be avoided by having WSL calculate the (what I see as) actual usage or (what PVoutput sees as) consumption as generated energy minus exported energy and submitting (and graphing) those results at every upload interval.
Am I wrong???
mfrijmann (administrator)
2014-08-21 09:04

In the new Stable(1.1.0) release we added the requested data to the Live API call.
Maybe its better to create separate issues for all the request (graph line, send to pvoutput, data Domoticz).

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