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0000254WebSolarLogFrontendpublic2014-03-30 23:142014-04-09 18:20
Assigned Tomfrijmann 
PlatformRaspberryOSRaspbian + ChromeOS Versionlatest
Product Version 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000254: Yield problem: given a month, the 1st yield value is inserted, then "edit" link stops working
DescriptionAfter inserting a (only one) value in "WSL :: Configuration :: Yields", and "Success - You're changes have been saved." appears, the page is correctly refreshed with value inserted.

These are strange things that happen:

1. After editing 1st value, I can't edit anymore any of the values of the month because clicking "edit" does nothing.
2. It is possible to able click "edit" on a different day, during "save" phase, before popup showed, but nothing happens after pressing ok (no value saved and editing disabled anyway after that).

The only way to restart editing one more value is to click again on month, then edit, wait save, than click again month, etc...
Steps To ReproduceOpen yields page
Press one month
press edit on a day
change a value
press ok
wait for "Success - You're changes have been saved."
Try to press edit on a different day
nothing happens
Additional InformationI don't know if pressing edit during "save phase" should be enabled or not, it depends on wsl internals.
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Paolo (reporter)
2014-03-30 23:20
edited on: 2014-03-30 23:21

I tested changing 2 values in a rush, before "Success - You're changes have been saved."

I actually saves both values as they where both the second one before stopping "edit" function. Anyway after these 2 edit, "edit" does not work anymore.

This make me think that "edit" should be disabled during save, but not after.

Hope it helps,

Paolo (reporter)
2014-04-01 14:27
edited on: 2014-04-01 14:33

Now I'm able to save more than a value in sequence. Saving is quite slow but no problem here.

There is a problem remaining for dialog box when I scroll down. Page is reset to top and dialog positioning sometimes is off-screen.

How to reproduce: Just try to edit one of the latest value, scrolling down to botton to see the row. Press edit -> page goes up and dialog-box goes down. I need to scroll every time to be able to edit.

Edit: now it's working without unwanted scroll... Maybe a browser cache problem.

Edit2: unwanted scroll problem again... Sometimes scrolls, sometimes not... To be investigated.

mfrijmann (administrator)
2014-04-01 14:55

i could not reproduce the scroll behavior.

Please clear the browsers cache to be sure that your are running on the latest JS files.
Paolo (reporter)
2014-04-09 18:20

Step to reproduce offscreen scroll behavior (both Chrome and Firefox), cache deleted:

1) Login to admin page
2) Yields page
3) Select a month (e.g. September)
4) make sure page is not completely displayed (shorten height of page if needed)
5) Scroll down to the end of the page
6) Click last value to modify

Page scrolls but dialog is half off screen at bottom

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