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0000213WebSolarLogBackendpublic2014-02-28 13:122014-03-19 21:20
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Product VersionRelease 1.0.0 
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Summary0000213: Enhancement request: Background Backup
DescriptionIt would be nice to have a background job, that periodically makes a backup of the WSL DataBase to dropbox.

If possible, it would be great to let the admin user define the schedule and number of backupfiles to keep.

If the admin can define the name of the backupfile, this is done automatically. Example: If I define the backup something like:
WslDB<DayOfMonth>.sdb.bak; start every day at 00:00 => one can go back one month and keep max 31 backups
WslDB<Weekday>.sdb.bak; start every day at 00:00 => one can go back one week and keep max 7 backups
WslDB<Hour>.sdb.bak; start every hour => one can go back one day and keep max 24 backups
(If this structure of backup definition is chosen, there are of course more possibilities)

But the main thing is the _possibility_ to do background backup.
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mfrijmann (administrator)
2014-02-28 14:44

Hi Ben,

Thanx for your feature request!

We already looked to something like this. We could make something like your request, but the problem is the disk space. We know that allot of people run there WSL on low-power devices with small-memory cards. For example the Rpi-starter-kits are in allot of cases available with "only" 4gb.
When i look to my database (90mb) and the space available on the SD-card (>4,5gb usage), then it would not be possible to backup on my SD-card(64gb)

My database contains almost 2 years of inverter data and 1,5 year of smartMeter data. I know that there are people with only an inverter setup and where the database grows about 10-15mb a year. After 5 year you have a database that is about 50-75mb.

If I take my database as an example and an everyday backup for every day of the month;
30days * 90mb = 2,7gb of backups for 1 month

Backups on the same medium as where the OS runs is not smart.
So we want to backup to another medium! Dropbox?
Dropbox gives his users 2gb of free space and is, in my case, not enough for 22 backups. Its possible, but how do we manage this? Should WSL remove backups? Which one should we remove?

On the other hand, WSL's SQLite database is a standalone database/file. The advantage of this is, that the end-user could, on any given moment, create a filebased backup. Just create a Cronjob that copy the wsl.sdb to ????

For now is it possible to make backups, and i think we move this request to WSL2.0.

If you have another idea or could help with coding this feature;
Please let us known!
Ben (reporter)
2014-02-28 20:52

Thanks for your reply!

Yes, the BU tot dropbox is the way to go.

I would be helped, or maybe its an idea, to only make a daily BU to dropbox using the same BU filename. This way you always have the latest BU in the cloud which is at max 1 day old. If the memory card goes corrupt, you can always fall back to dropbox. Another advantage: no large storage needed.

At this moment I run an at job on my PC which does a copy every hour. But this way, the PC must be turned on, and I will not do that... Hence the request. :-)

I'm not a web programmer, but I can try to see what I can do.

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