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0000125WebSolarLogBackendpublic2013-07-17 10:122013-12-20 09:53
Assigned Tomfrijmann 
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Product VersionRelease 1.0.0 
Target VersionRelease 1.1.0Fixed in VersionRelease 1.1.0 
Summary0000125: Weather information enhancement
DescriptionMaybe put some nice weather icons for the weather instead of plain text.
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Attached Filespng file icon wsl-info.png [^] (82,125 bytes) 2013-09-08 14:25

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mfrijmann (administrator)
2013-08-12 20:03

Do you have an idea or (design) suggestion?
Chris12 (reporter)
2013-08-13 10:47

Just take a look at for instant: [^]

for some nice icons, of clouds/sun etc.

Or just more simple: [^]

And put the information together with the collected numbers in a nice table (not text only as it is now)

Regards, Chris
mfrijmann (administrator)
2013-09-07 20:47

What do you think about the "new" weather layout?
mfrijmann (administrator)
2013-09-08 12:38
edited on: 2013-09-08 12:38

Thanx... We will see what we can do. The space is limited and we need to make choice on what we display how. Feel free to add more comments when you see/want changes.

mfrijmann (administrator)
2013-09-08 14:11

Icons is a good idea. But the thing with icons is; We need a set of matching icons and icons costs money... Its opensouce, we spend alot of time(hours(!) a week) and resources(domain name, hosting of wsl-image and site, etc) in WSL and buying icons voor XX euro/dollars... Thats a bridge to far.

Admin::Advanced gives you the possibility to changes CO2 and prices ;)
The money symbol is now based on the locale of the visiting user. This is wrong and we need to change it. But this is a bigger problem for WSL. WSL is now looking at the browser language of the visiting user. The problem with that is, when a Dutch visitor is browsing with a English language, WSL is shown in English. Our plan is to make a option in the Admin where the user could set a language for WSL. The only problem with that is, when a korean visitor visited a Dutch WSL, he probably couldn't read it. But imho that is not a big issue, the most important thing is that the owner could get a good view on this produced and used energy values.

futher with the icons sets:
Martin and I discussed this and had a few options;
1. ask the community if somebody could make/give(donate) a icon set
2. we could introduce an donation button(s) in the Admin and/or frontend/
3. introduce commercial/paid features
4. search for a free iconset or a mix of icons that we could use
5. and more small ideas..

Option 4 could be a good option, but this is a very time consuming operation and we(Martin and I) don't have the time for that.
Option 3 we thing is not a good thing for a opensource product.
Option 2 could be a option, but we thing this could also could result in people except things after a donation.
Option 1 is in our opinion a good option, but totally depend on others.

I received your email!
I looks good, but the layout/figures are not on every WSL the same.
Some people have a SmartMeter and with that we could find the energy usage in the house (imported from the grid and used from the solar inverter).
These values have/need there own CO2, price and kWh presentations.

See the attachment on this issue.
Chris12 (reporter)
2013-09-08 14:35

There was nog money symbol displayed at all by my WSL dashboard just ()
Maybe you should also make that a configuration item in Advanched settings

There are several free weather icon packs available.
IE. [^] [^]

If you split the weather icons and the otehr icons, you can use a free weather icon pack for all weather related information.

The other information icons (5pcs) maybe some user on tweakers can create them.
Just post a question!
mfrijmann (administrator)
2013-09-08 23:09
edited on: 2013-09-09 12:12

If you had no money symbol, then there is no locale for you language on you host.
For example;
If your host/server only has a English locale installed and you browser to you WSL with a Dutch browser then there is no Dutch Locale and WSL will fall back to English. Based on the available/selected locale, WSL will try to get the money symbol. My Rpi with a dutch locale installed shows me the euro symbol.

Make it a configuration item, is not that simple. We need to take a good look on this one.

Icons look good, but we need the energy icons also. And these sets are in a lot of cases not free and/or "incomplete".

mfrijmann (administrator)
2013-10-16 15:59

"Nice" images are a good idea, but we need a matching set of icons for WSL.

As long if there is no complete set of matching image, we need to do it with text.

If someone could help find a nice icon set for;
Trees, CO2, grid, solar, inverter, metering, gas, etc.
Then this would be great!

We take a look at the Translation issues.
mfrijmann (administrator)
2013-10-17 08:13

Yesterday i search the web for some icon sets and found these: [^] [^] [^]
mfrijmann (administrator)
2013-10-17 08:27

This are commercially licensed sets; [^]

We have no project-resources to buy them.

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