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0000282: What to fill in in WSL :: Configuration :: Communication for uri, port, timeout and optional

I am a newbee to this.

Installed Raspbian Wheezy,Websolarlog and SBFspot.
All small tests run fine, no problems found.

Now data is coming in from SMA inverter at smadata directory

At this moment I don't know what to fill in at admin page WSL Configuration Communication for SMA Inverter SMA400 TL-21.
See attached images for more info.
No remarks.
SMA Inverter SMA 4000 TL-21
PHP 5.6.13-0 + deb84f1
SBFspot SRC 312
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png Schermafdruk Configuration Devices.png (697,794) 2015-10-25 19:41
png Schermafdruk Configuration Communication.png (775,915) 2015-10-25 19:42
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Please ask this question in the forums as this is not a feature request or a bug report.