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0000277: Generated power stays 0
I installed a new PI with WSL (trunk 1892). The meters are working and i can see that the inverter is working. But the generated power stays 0, while it should increase (see [^])

I had the same with the stable version, but i cannot figure out what the problem is.

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Also, when started got this message;

WebSolarLog experienced an error.

Error in hook CoreAddon.onLiveData error: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 17 database schema has changed

(Testing the Power-One from the communication page is not working btw.)
2014-12-09 11:50   
I guess that the testing in trunk 1892 is a bug :)

All of the sudden WSL tells me, that there is 1 kWh generated. While I know this is not true.
2014-12-28 15:05   
contacted marco. It is a fault in the power-one 2.5.
Created a ticket at ABB;
Case Description:
"Epartial and Etotalt values not in exact figures

You can close this one.