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0000274: Mastervolt XS3200
In the Devices panel it says Mastervolt inverters are still in TESTING phase.

I'd love to connect my XS3200 to WSL.

Tried it in the past, but couldn't complete a working connection.

I'd love to help the testing phase with my XS3200.
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2014-09-01 18:20   
Please take a look on this site: [^]

This script is specially create to "connect" the Mastervolt ES3.6TL with WSL.
I read that some Mastervolt's are compatible, but i have no idea of your will work.

please let us known!
2014-09-02 16:59   
I've tried the script, adjusted the config. Also I tried another script, someone with the same inverter is using this script succesfully, however not with WSL.

I can start both scripts using putty without errors. However when I try to start testing them within WSL I'm getting failure.

I'm very happy that I'm not getting errors in putty anymore, haven't come this far yet.

I also don't know where all the data has to be written for WSL to pick it up.

Don't know what step to take next. Where do I start?

Furthermore, don't really know if the ownerships of the files and folders of the WSL folder are correct. They are now owner: www-data group: root.
2014-09-05 13:06   
WSL itself doesn't connect to the inverter, the scripts those this in most cases.

WSL uses these scripts to gather data from the inverter.

So first you need to get the script communicate with the inverter and after that you need to configure WSL to use the script


I can't help you with the configuration of the script, please contact the developer of the script or read the help/manual of the script.
2014-09-15 10:26   
Did you manage to get it working?