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Raspberry - PowerOne AuroraRaspberryPi
0000261: I don’t see date on websolarlog
I am writing to ask for your help to solve a problem.
I have a 3 KWp photovoltaic plant connected to the inverter PowerOne 3.0. The inverter is connected to RaspberryPi through a converter with USB-RS485.
I followed the instructions on the site [^] for the installation of websolarlog on RaspberryPi but I don’t see date on websolarlog.
Maybe I did not set some parameters on websolarlog admin. I show you the data that I inserted
Thanks Matteo
WSL: Configuration
Inverter: PowerOne
Name: PowerOne
Description: 3 KWp
Show livedata@frontend: Yes
Show history@graph:: Yes
initial kWh: 0
expected kWh: 4121
plant power:
correction factor: 0.987
Device Api: Aurora
Device Type: Production
(RS485/IP) address: 2
Log comm: Yes
Synchronize time: Yes
PVOutput Enabled: Yes
PVOutput Api key: Yes
PVOutput System id: Yes

title: Matteo
subtitle: Fotovoltaico
port: /dev/ttyUSB0
options: -Y3 -l3 -M3
debug: Yes

WSL : Configuration We have runned some tests to check your installation
Which extensions are loaded/installed? •curl: Loaded
•sqlite: -NOT- loaded
•sqlite3: Loaded
•json: Loaded
•calendar: Loaded
•mcrypt: Loaded
mcrypt_module_open function exists passed
 Encrypting test passed
SQLlite version: 3.7.13
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pdf websolarlog picture.pdf (218,904) 2014-04-27 17:44
jpg wsl-comm.JPG (55,695) 2014-04-27 21:30

jpg wsl-devices.JPG (74,858) 2014-04-27 21:30
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2014-04-27 21:29   
first of all, update to the latest WSL trunk. Did you install the [^] software?

logon to wsl and go to the communication page. Fill in the correct parameters as shown in my attachment. After that create the device with the aurora option.
2014-04-28 18:28   
I’ installed the [^] software but when I write the command (# aurora –a 2 –e /dev/ttyUSB0) I get the error(aurora: ERROR: Received bad return code (-1 0)). I show you the data that I inserted (pictures)
What mistake do I?
Do I install the drivers for the converter (USB-RS485)?

2014-05-16 09:31   
this is solved and can be closed. WSL was installed but the security was a mess in/on the folder.
2014-08-11 15:55   
@Wimlem thanks for helping out. These kind of questions should be asked in the forum and not here.